Van Damme Blue Series Speaker Cable (price per M)
  • Van Damme Blue Series Speaker Cable (price per M)

Van Damme Blue Series Speaker Cable (price per M)

VAT excluded

The Van Damme Blue Series Studio Grade speaker cable sets the standard for twin core loudspeaker cables. Available in core sizes from 0.75mm perfect for 100v speaker cable through to 6.00mm for low impedance speakers and Pas. These high quality twin core AX designs are the speaker cable of choice for some of the World's most famous recording studios also suitable for rehearsal studios, home and the live environment.

• Critical studio monitoring
• Guitar amplifier to speaker leads
• Installations where low smoke zero halogen is not a requirement

Application notes
• Conductors use fine stranding for ultimate flexibility
• Reduced OD 2 x 2.5mm will fit XLR connectors and mono jacks
• Ultra pure oxygen free copper for outstanding sonic integrity

Overall Mechanical specification
Conductor Bare ultra pure oxygen free copper
Insulation PVC
Overall jacket Flexible PVC composite sapphire blue RAL 5003
Working voltage 300/500V
Test voltage 2000V DC 1 minute
Halogen Emissions ≤0.30% Halogen acid gases according to IEC 60754-2
DescriptionOverall DiameterWeight KG/kmConductor StrandingConductor resistance Ohm/Km
2 x 0.75mm twin-axial5.6mm5242 x 0.15mm24.50
2 x 1.5mm twin-axial6.5mm7084 x 0.15mm12.50
2 x 2.5mm twin-axial7.6mm102147 x 0.15mm7.30
2 x 4.00mm twin-axial12.4mm230227 x 0.15mm4.60
2 x 6.00mm twin-axial14.0mm250189 x 0.20mm3.20