Premium 24V LED Drivers
  • Premium 24V LED Drivers

Premium 24V LED Drivers

VAT excluded

LED Driver 100W/200W/300W/400W 24V IP67 Premium Series


IP67 LED Driver 100W/200W/300W/400W 24V

Input: 85~265V AC

Constant Voltage Type

Suitable for LED Strips

Premium Series of constant voltage LED drivers with high power factor & efficiency.

Non Dimmable LED Driver suitable for LED Strips of total power consumption up to 400W.

It is recommended to calculate 20% more that the tape power consumption to cover voltage drop of the circuit but also losses due to efficiency of the LED Driver.

As an example this LED Driver can be used for up to 5.80 meters of high power single colour or RGBW LED strip (14.4W per meter X 1.20 load factor). Of course same applies for single colours LED strips that consume 14.4W per meter.

Note: for RGB/RGBW LED strips you will also need an LED Controller (eg Fibaro RGBW Module) , this is just a 24 Volts constant voltage driver.

If the led strip is a single colour one then just the this driver is what you need to power it up. For being able to DIM a single colour LED strip a dimmable single colour LED controller will be required too.

Input: 85~265V AC (50/60Hz)


100W 24V / 4.15 Amps
200W 24V / 8.33 Amps
300W 24V / 12.5 Amps
400W 24V / 16.6 Amps

Suitable for LED Strips

Rating: IP67 (Waterproof) 

Power factor: >0.98


Warranty offered for premium series of LED drivers is 5 Years